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Some U.S. cities earning new reputations as tech hubs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growing emphasis on cybersecurity and continued importance of cloud computing and analytics all but guarantees notable job growth in the tech and IT fields through 2018 and into the next several years. The agency projected 546,100 new jobs created in the sector by 2026.

These indicators of expansion in the IT sector help fuel the development of new geographical hubs for its businesses. VentureBeat reported that Pittsburgh and Indianapolis, as well as Raleigh, North Carolina and Ann Arbor, Michigan, stand out as the four biggest centers of recent tech innovation in the U.S.

Some of these cities’ emergence as tech hubs stems from wildly successful tech startups within their greater metropolitan areas.

For example, Pittsburgh is home to Duolingo, a foreign language tutorial app, while Duo Security in Ann Arbor is the city’s first $1 billion-valued company. Others are college towns with large populations of prestigiously educated students who can become highly skilled employees, like Raleigh.

The challenge for all of these places will be solidifying their reputations as locations for long-term success. Both Indianapolis and Raleigh had low rates of activity among new startups during 2017, and Ann Arbor’s small size – relative to other tech-centric cities – could hamper its hiring potential. Nevertheless, tech professionals looking for work are likely to keep these spots in mind.