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U.K.’s female workforce strongest in 15 years

According to the Women in Work Index released by PwC, the U.K. has risen to its highest ranking since 2000.

The report ranked the U.K. No. 14 out of 27 developed nations. Just a year ago, the nation was listed as No. 18. HITC Business explained that the significant leap is likely due to the country’s recent economic recovery. This has reduced the amount of unemployed women in the nation, in addition to prompting more female workforce participation. City A.M. noted that the ranking takes these factors into account, as well as whether women are being employed full time or part time and their pay scale in comparison to men.

Despite the U.K.’s notable jump, the region is still being outperformed by Scandinavian countries. Norway, Denmark and Sweden have occupied the top three spots on the annual list since 2000 and this year was no different. City A.M. explained that the U.K. struggles to compete with these countries largely because most of its female workforce operates on part-time contracts – for this factor alone, the country ranks No. 25 out of 27. It still did not rank as low as countries like Spain and Greece, which are still failing to establish strong employment situations, especially when it comes to their female residents.