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Top tech and engineering industry events to check out this summer

An important part of establishing yourself as a competitive IT or engineering contractor is staying up to date with the latest developments and trends in the industry. One rewarding way to do this is to attend industry conferences, conventions and workshops in your field. These events are exciting opportunities to discover new tools, services and skills that you can use in your contract work, while also providing a chance to grow your professional network. Even if you can’t attend the event in person, you can oftentimes watch webinars or livecasts from the location.

Expand your industry awareness this summer by checking out any of the top events below:

IT industry events:

July 11-12
San Francisco, CA

Artificial intelligence technologies are changing the ways business, brands and end users engage with information, products and services, and IT contractors need to be aware of these developments to remain relevant and competitive in their fields. MobileBeat is the place to be to learn about AI and its implications, with particular focus on mobile applications and machine learning. The conference brings together thought leaders in software development, IT, marketing and more to share a diverse range of insights. Sessions on the agenda include “AI 101: Building the data strategy” with the director of UX at Stubhub and “The perfect sell: Four ways AI boosts commerce” with the VP of customer data and analytics for Gap.

Gartner Catalyst Conference 2017
Aug. 21-24
San Diego, CA

"An IT strategy is only as effective as the ability to execute it." That’s the guiding principle of the Gartner Catalyst Conference, a major event tailored around equipping IT specialists with the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing market. Software demos, industry experts and Gartner analysts help attendees learn about the tools and concepts they need to know to thrive, from machine learning to DevOps. IT contractors can even customize their event experience to suit their unique professional needs by choosing from "six conference tracks or four journeys" that offer specialized agendas, such as "Edge Strategies for Tomorrow’s IT," "Cloud-Native Solutions and Emerging Architectures" or "Security and Identity." With tailored conference experiences, you can get the knowledge you need to make yourself a more competitive contractor in your space.

Engineering industry events:

IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architecture
July 25-26
Newport, RI

Electronics are the groundwork that makes modern business, manufacturing and information exchange possible. Nanoarchitecture is an emerging discipline that presents a radical shift from the standard integrated circuits that have been used in microprocessors and other systems. The NANOARCH conference explores the exciting potential applications of nanoscale circuits in manufacturing, security, computer processing and other important areas, making it a great event for engineering contractors looking to diversify or expand their skill sets.

ASCE Congress on Technical Advancement
Sept. 10-13
Duluth, MN

Engineering contractors designing systems or processes for infrastructure works should check out the ASCE Congress on Technical Advancement, an event bringing together top minds in the field. The congress takes an interdisciplinary approach to infrastructure problems and solutions, and examines issues in aerospace, energy, construction, climate, forensic engineering and other areas. Attendees will learn about the top technical developments happening in infrastructure and engineering as well as the best practices and in-demand skills that can help engineering contractors rise up to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

This is just a sample of the many exciting IT and engineering industry events this summer. Whether you attend in-person or follow highlights online, be sure to check out events that interest you and expand your skills and knowledge.