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Tech skills required for most American jobs

Technology serves an undeniably major purpose for the American working public. In fact, recent research suggested that technology skills are required to some degree in the majority of U.S. jobs.

Citing data from the Brookings Institute, TechRepublic reported that approximately 66 percent of all American positions created since 2012 need either high- or medium-level digital skills. These include proficiency in computer and mobile device use, as well as a range of software skills.

In 2002, only 5 percent of American jobs required high-level digital skills, but in the last 15 years that figure dropped to 23 percent. There are also fewer roles available for those with low to middling tech knowledge, as positions within that category fell from 56 percent of the U.S. workforce to 30 percent.

This increased emphasis on the importance of tech skills – and jobs highly contingent on them – has also crossed over into the fields of higher education and vocational training. According to CNBC, computer skills, including in specific areas like high-complexity data analysis, mobile device app development and cloud computing, are among the 10 most in-demand skills searched for by U.S. companies and their hiring managers.

Also, Glassdoor noted that computer science employees will see the highest median base salary among American workers in their first five years on the job, typically earning $70,000 annually.