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Tech sector helps galvanize Montreal’s job growth

The technology industry has brought significant growth to Canada’s economy in the last couple of years. Recent data confirms that this expansion has been particularly beneficial to Montreal.

According to research compiled by Montreal International, the city’s 3.6 per cent rate of job growth experienced in 2017 outpaced that of all major metropolitan areas in Canada and the U.S. The scientific and technical services sector accounted for 8.1 per cent of the professional growth within Montreal – a larger share than that of any other sector, with the financial services industry a close second due to its 7.2 per cent expansion.

Tech business leaders like Emma McGuinness, who manages the Montreal office of U.K.-based special visual effects firm Double Negative, said in an interview with CBC News that the city’s tech boom made sense due to its educational opportunities and diversity.

“There is a great culture here, which brings great artists, and also there’s great training programs in the schools,” McGuinness told the news provider. “So there is a big, a huge pool of untouched talent there for the taking.”

Montreal has also begun providing further enticements to tech businesses – and growing companies overall – in the form of tax incentives. Such benefits could help ensure that these trends of growth continue into the foreseeable future.