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Tech job shortages mean more opportunities for workers outside IT

Thrillist recently noted that many of the highest-paying jobs in IT are, not unexpectedly, those requiring either elite IT management skills or high-level technical acumen – information systems manager and computer hardware engineer, respectively. Salaries for both positions are in the low six figures. However, recent shortages of tech workers in companies within the U.S. and abroad have led such firms to realize that people outside tech backgrounds might nonetheless be solid fits for a variety of tech jobs.

According to CNBC, individuals with analytical, problem-solving and project management skills who don’t consider themselves particularly tech-savvy might benefit from applying for IT roles. The necessity caused by this positional shortage – around 350,000 unfilled jobs, per Commerce Department figures noted by CNBC – might also drive recruiters to pursue such people directly. Pete Metzger of consulting firm DHR International, cited law, technical writing, law enforcement and third-party oversight as professions that could be untapped grounds for new IT workers.

“The fact is that, because of the imbalance in the equation of supply and demand, these jobs have become not only hot but highly paid,” Metzger said to the news provider.

He added that companies willing to take a chance on those without specific tech experience for IT roles came from a desire to collect different and fresh perspectives on issues in the field. This could also involve the employment of psychological insights and techniques, potentially furthering the pool of non-tech professionals who might begin pursuing IT roles.