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Tech companies set sights on Portland

Certain areas, such as Silicon Valley, are well known as breeding grounds for technology startups. With this field rapidly expanding across the country, a number of other cities have followed suit, attracting high-tech organizations looking for fresh environments to grow their brands and increase their workforces. One of the most recent up-and-coming spots for tech employment is Portland, Oregon. KOIN 6 reported that more businesses are moving to the Northwestern city, bringing plenty of jobs with them.

The source explained that employment in this sector has reached a 12-year high for Portland, a city known for its creative and artistic population. Within the greater Portland area, 55,000 people work at tech companies. Specifically, the software industry has been thriving in the area. State workforce analyst Christian Kaylor told KOIN 6 that tech organizations specializing in this field have increased their presence in the city by 50 percent over the past decade. Notably, these positions are high-income status – the average employee of a Portland-based tech company makes $110,000 per year.

Recently, major tech industry company Google opened an engineering office in the Oregon city, according to the Portland Business Journal. Some other notable businesses leasing office spaces in Portland include New Relic, EBay, AppNexus, Squarespace, Wacom Technology, Accela Software and Airbnb.The source reported that a number of factors made Portland an attractive destination for these companies. Some of the city’s enticing qualities include relatively low real estate prices, excellent quality of life and a vast and talented group of workers to choose from.

“It’s great. There are only half a dozen, maybe a dozen, places in the United States that have a large enough tech center to really pull off that clustering of businesses,” Kaylor told KOIN 6.