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Talent Demand Bulletin: Telecom Technology

Telecom Technology
DC Metro Edition

Decrease in Overall IT Jobs, but Strong Surge in Information Security Demand

Within this publication, CDI will provide insights about those companies within the DC metro who have an elevated appetite for IT talent. This is intended to be a quick read for HR and IT executives within the Telecommunications industry.

On April 1st we reported that the DC market demand for IT talent within the telecom industry had slowed in the third week of March and with the latest week’s results, we are now observing a decrease overall in advertised technical jobs.


 Not all IT job sectors have declined, however. In fact, the demand for information security analysts has jumped considerably — up 65% in the past 30 days alone. The companies within telecom and broadcasting most aggressively seeking these skills include Neustar, AOL, and Harris Corporation. Indirect competitors include General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, The Mitre Corporation and BAE Systems Group.

The median salary for mid-level professionals within Information Security is approximately $116K within the DC metro, which is much higher than the national average. If we add the specialty of telecommunications experience, that mid-range salary median jumps to $118K, indicating a high degree of employer competition for these skills.

If your firm is seeking talent in this area, expect the job search to take between 47-50 days, and expect the best candidates to have multiple, simultaneous offers.