CDI Corporation

Talent Demand Bulletin: Technology

DC Metro Edition

Within this publication, CDI will provide insights about those companies within the DC metro who have an elevated appetite for IT talent. As all service providers in this market know, DC has a high concentration of integrators, defense contractors and government agencies. But, there are also selected vertical markets that are also worth keeping an eye on from a talent demand perspective.

Any major advertiser for IT talent is a potential competitor for the talent so critical to your success. And — some advertisers may be existing or future customers of yours given they are very possibly staffing for project-based needs that may interest you.

In the past 30 days, total new advertisements for IT jobs within the DC metro market fell 11.2%. That said, there are some employers whose talent appetite has increased in the past month. A selection of these employers appear in the chart below along with remarks related to any initiatives that employer may have going.

 IT Job Ad Increase in DC Metro / last 30 days
 Top IT Initiatives
 Raytheon Corp
 Up 48.3%
Is planning to implement several advanced cyber security solutions that will require debugging expertise
 Lockheed Martin
 Up 9.4%
Just released information on key Skunk Works projects, publishing “Skunk Works 2015” agenda
 Up 20.4%
Recently acquired Datalogix, a provider of advertising analytics and will need help integrating with their other offerings
 Up 15.7%
In the middle of designing a data governance strategy to help ensure the success of several BI applications
 Up 3.5%
Expanding network capabilities by adding Ericsson transmitters