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Survey confirms strength of tech job market in the U.S.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted robust overall job growth in November 2017, with 228,000 new positions created.

While healthcare, manufacturing and professional services showed the most growth this month, a new research study appears to indicate that tech may well have the most opportunity for long-term employment growth.

According to the results of the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report for 2017, the demand for big data engineers, machine learning engineers and data scientists is considerable, and only likely to grow over time. Companies in a wide swath of different sectors will want to bring these IT and engineering professionals into their workforces.

The professional social network’s research found that the relatively low number of qualified individuals for the aforementioned jobs and similar roles causes demand to skyrocket.

For example, only 35,000 U.S. workers have significant experience and efficacy with data science, even though the profession grew by more than 650 percent between 2012 and the time of the report’s release. That said, the growing number of STEM initiatives throughout the American educational system could engender considerable growth in these professions within the near future.

LinkedIn also noted that the fast pace of tech developments means new jobs could be created rapidly and consequently reduce or eliminate the need for tech roles specializing in methodologies that quickly become obsolete. As a result, it may be prudent for IT and engineering professionals to ensure their skill sets encompass a broad range of software and hardware, so that they won’t end up stuck with skills that the U.S. economy doesn’t widely need.