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Study: Women hold 8.5 percent of Canada’s top jobs

A new study from Rosenzweig & Company revealed that women now hold 8.5 percent of Canada’s highest paying jobs in the nation’s 100 biggest companies.

According to a press release, this number has nearly doubled since a decade ago, when the report determined that women held just 4.6 percent of these positions. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation explained that this means 45 Canadian women hold positions of power in the country’s most notable organizations. The list included eight female CEOs and a number of women with titles such as chief financial officer, chief executive and company vice-president.

This shift toward more women in leadership positions has a lot to do with a general change in the business world’s atmosphere, Jay Rosenzweig, managing partner of Rosenzweig & Company, told CBC. As more women pursue careers in business and go after opportunities in the industry, more companies are hiring qualified female professionals to run operations. Additionally, Rosenzweig pointed to social media as being a driving factor behind this employment trend. As issues of gender equality become mainstream news, more companies are feeling inspired to diversify their upper management teams.