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Software engineering among Canada’s most lucrative tech jobs

Toronto and other Canadian cities have cemented their reputation as emerging North American tech hubs over the past decade, and the jobs created as a result are bringing in lucrative salaries for qualified IT workers. Recent research makes it clear that employed Canadians with high-level software skills make more money per year than tech employees in other segments of the sector.

According to Betakit, citing data from Indeed Canada, software engineering at a managerial level took the top spot in terms of tech salaries within Toronto and Vancouver. Those with this job made average annual salaries of $117,433 and $152,266, respectively, as of June 2018. In the runner-up spot, the trade of software architecture reported mean salaries of $110,222 for tech workers in Toronto. (Respective salaries for this profession in Vancouver and Montreal were both lower – $109,434 and $101,266.)

Montreal showed the lowest tech salaries of the three cities. Most jobs in its top 10 list commanding high five-figure annual earnings as opposed to the low end of the six-figure range. Vancouver had the highest individual salary of any job in any city, but Toronto indisputably holds the No. 1 spot compared to its counterparts. Of its 10 most lucrative IT positions, only its 10th-place profession was five figures as opposed to six – senior .net developer, with a $99,956 average salary.

Although tech positions will bring their workers high salaries all over Canada, there’s no question that Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are the premier markets for those with the appropriate IT qualifications. Canadian Business cited $90,001 as the mean salary for software engineers across the nation.