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San Jose startup to offer network engineering training

The importance of IT and web engineering skills to the U.S. labor force and overall economy is quite clear.

As noted in the results of a CompTIA survey released during May 2017, 59 percent of American companies that need employees with understanding of automation and artificial intelligence can’t easily attract them. Also, 55 percent of companies in need of skilled software engineers have the same problem.

In response to this, organizations in the public and private sector alike have developed various training initiatives in the hope of combating the aforementioned skills gap. San Jose, California, is home to one such program, NextGenT, that’s using a radical business model.

According to TechTarget, this startup training agency partnered with Charity:Water, a world-renowned nonprofit focused on bolstering clean-water programs worldwide, to attract prospective tech workers. NextGenT’s month-long program to earn CompTIA Network+ certification will be free to those offering a $5 donation to the water fund – a massive drop from its regular $997 price.

After taking the course, attendees receive offers for NextGenT’s more comprehensive Zero to Engineer course – a $12,500 program that can be taken in three to six months – but doing so isn’t mandatory. Since announcing the discount, 110 people have joined, not much fewer than the 143 students currently in the more costly course.