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IT salaries reaching record highs

Information technology salaries are rising.

A report by showed that the average salary for IT jobs rose nearly 8 percent in 2015 to reach $96,370. The report noted that this is “the biggest year-over-year leap ever,” according to Forbes.

The survey determined that the highest-earning skills are those related to the cloud and gathering and analyzing big data, which led the list for the past few years.

The number of IT employees satisfied with their pay increased to 53 percent from 52 percent in 2014, reported Fortune. Some 40 percent of employees plan to move to another company this year.

IT professionals are paid the most in Silicon Valley. The average salary increased by 5 percent to reach $118,243 in 2015.

The source reported that base salaries grew to six figures for the first time ever in six additional metro areas. Salaries in New York City increased 11 percent to an average $106,263, salaries in Los Angeles rose 10 percent to $105,091 and those in Boston grew 7 percent to $103,675. Salaries also exceeded $100,000 in Seattle, Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Minneapolis and Portland.

According to CompTIA, the U.S. tech industry employed 6.5 million people in 2014 and accounted for 5.7 percent of the entire private sector workforce.