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Rural internet project in Canada to add jobs

A recently announced rural internet infrastructure project is expected to create jobs in British Columbia.

Under the new plan, the province will invest $40 million to strengthening internet availability in rural areas, CBC News reported. The initiative aims to create 26,000 jobs through the wider availability of internet connectivity.

“Tech jobs can happen anywhere where there’s high speed internet,” said Premier Christy Clark. “And those tech jobs should be just as available for people in communities like Merrit and Ashcroft as they are in places like Kelowna and Victoria.”

The initiative also includes greater support for Kinder Morgan energy projects, as well as the allocation of $80 million to improving post-secondary schools in the province.

Premier Clark hopes that having greater internet availability in rural communities will empower residents to start businesses in their towns, as opposed to having to move to the city, The Canadian Press noted.

“What is good for rural B.C. is good for all of B.C.,” she said. “This is where the bulk of our wealth comes from and we need to make sure we are investing in people and getting to ‘yes’¬†on projects that will allow communities like this one to thrive.”