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Optimistic outlook for oil and gas jobs in Texas

The March jobs report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed job growth in the mining industry, including the oil and gas sectors, reported. Of the 11,000 mining jobs added last month, 1,800 can be attributed to oil and gas extraction.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Halliburton recently announced it would be adding 2,000 U.S. jobs to the oil industry to keep pace with the uptick in activity, marking what the source called “easily the largest announced American hiring spree by an energy company in three years – before the two-year oil bust began.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, Dave Lesar, CEO and Chairman of Halliburton, explained that the company is investing more now than ever before in order to secure its market share and increase profits.

“We are coming off of a historic trough, so what we have to add back is almost unprecedented,” he said.

The Houston Chronicle also reported that this news is indicative of more job growth to come this month.