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Ontario becomes center of aviation employment

Ontario, a region that has always been relevant in the aerospace community, plans to invest $1.25 million in the Aerospace Assembler Program.This is a training initiative the government hopes will boost the number of skilled aerospace professionals in the area, helping to fill existing vacancies and create new jobs in the industry.

A press release explained that the program lasts 20 weeks and provides participants with in-the-field, hands-on training through some of Ontario’s aerospace manufacturing organizations. Depending on enrollment rates, the government hopes the initiative will train 150 people by the spring of 2016. After completing the program participants will be officially certified as assemblers for structural airframes, electric-electronics and mechanical-hydraulics.

Aviation Week noted that Ontario’s current aerospace sector is large and thriving, making the province a natural choice for training programs. The primary field employs 17,000 full-time workers, and if secondary, support-related industries are included, this number rises to 20,000 full-time employees. The source noted that Ontario is home to 15 of the 25 biggest aerospace organizations, including General Dynamics and Airbus. Currently, the industry rakes in CA$5.3 billion annually, a large portion of which is from foreign consumers – 75 percent of aerospace products created in Canada are exported to other nations.