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Ohio aerospace industry thrives, schools respond to demand

Colleges in Ohio are planning to grow their aerospace training programs in response to the area’s growing demand for workers in this industry.

According to Dayton Daily News, Cincinnati State will be building a second welding laboratory to accommodate the high numberĀ of students interested in developing aerospace-related skills. Additionally, the school is planning to construct its first “working warehouse,” which the news source explained will be used as a hands-on training center to give students simulated on-the-job experience. Dayton-based Sinclair Community College is also planning to make adjustments in response to aerospace popularity and demand. The school will be creating new courses that will focus on advanced manufacturing practices.

The Dayton Business Journal reported that the aerospace industry has been a longtime economic giant for Ohio. Currently, the sector rakes in $4 billion annually for the area and provides 50,000 positions to Ohio residents. Some of the most notable companies with operations in the Midwestern state include Boeing Co. and Airbus, both of which invest more in their Ohio facilities than any of their other operations. Much of the aerospace work in the area is in the form of parts manufacturing, noted the source.