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New study sees clean energy future for Canada

A new report from researchers at Stanford University determined that Canada can completely transition to clean energy in just a little more than a decade.

CBC reported that the Solutions Project, the organization behind the study, found that Canada can run on 100 percent clean energy if it follows this distribution of energy sources: 58 percent wind, 22 percent solar, 16 percent hydro, 2 percent wave and 2 percent geothermal.

“No oil. No gas. No coal. And nuclear would be retired. It’s all wind, water and solar powering Canada, 100 percent,” said Mark Jacobson, civil and environmental engineering professor at Stanford and co-founder of the Solutions Project, in an interview with CBC.

The researchers believe Canada can reach this goal by 2030, however, other experts think it can be achieved even sooner, according to the source. Some analysts predict that the country can reach 100 percent clean energy within 15 years.

A 100 percent clean energy industry would mean the creation of 200,000 jobs, with 500,000 jobs in fossil fuels moved to the clean energy sector. According to CBC, the Solutions Project researchers stated that air pollution from fossil fuels would be completely erased and that the country would save more than $100 billion every year.

Global investments in clean energy were higher than expected last year, reported CNBC. Some $367 billion was invested in 2015 in the clean energy sector, compared to $253 billion invested in fossil fuels.