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New Facebook data center could bring IT jobs to Alabama

The tech industry in the U.S. plays a notable – and growing – role in the American economy. According to research recently released by CompTIA, American tech exports produced $322 billion in 2017 and directly supported approximately 805,000 positions in 2016, a figure that constitutes 14 percent of all jobs in the country. A recent example of this activity emerged in Huntsville, Alabama, where Facebook plans to construct a data center worth about $750 million.

Data Center Knowledge reported that Huntsville’s reputation as an emerging tech sector hub factored into Facebook’s decision to bring its data center there. Software engineer, systems engineer and systems specialist represent the metropolitan area’s top three jobs.

Also, the social media giant entered into an agreement with the Tennessee Valley Authority to purchase renewable energy that will serve as the facility’s electricity source. Even without the TVA deal, Facebook would have found Huntsville to have some of the lowest-cost electricity in the U.S., according to the news provider.

The Alabama government received a pledge from Facebook that the facility would create about 100 high-paying tech jobs for the Huntsville region. As a result, the state is sweetening the pot for Facebook by providing a variety of fiscal incentives to be disbursed over the next 10 years and amount to $86.25 million. Concurrently, Alabama officials predicted that during the next three decades, the facility will create as much as $300 million in new tax revenue.