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New components facility will bring engineering jobs to Ontario

MiTek, a company that engineers products for the global building components sector, recently announced plans to construct a new facility in Bradford, Ontario. Simcoe reported that this endeavour could create as many as 50 jobs in the short term – specifically engineering, manufacturing, programming and skilled labour positions. It could also lead to more jobs in the near future based on the progress of the brand-new building.

The business already has a considerable presence in Bradford, with just under 150 people employed at the MiTek Canada corporate headquarters within the city limits. MiTek intends to locate this new facility in Bradford’s Strathallen subdivision. It everything goes as planned, the building would be larger than MiTek’s existing HQ and put manufacturing and corporate operations under one roof.

Mike Sandbrook, president of MiTek Canada, spoke highly of the area’s labour force when breaking the news about the future facility.

“The labour pool for both skilled and factory work is quite large,” Sandbrook said, according to the news provider. “That’s one of the reasons we want to stay here.”

He went on to note the company’s intention to start work at the new facility by 2019.

On a broader scale, Canada has emerged as an attractive location to tech firms in the past year,and its growing reputation has the potential to boost the availability of engineering, IT and software-related jobs in the nation. The government, in turn, is recognizing how important these fields are.

According to Global News, the Employment Ministry recently made notable rule changes to the Canada Summer Jobs initiative. This program hires students for part-time roles with the goal of providing them with hands-on experience that may benefit their full-time employment prospects down the road. Among these changes was a vast increase in support for programs intended to aid young women interested in the engineering and tech sectors.