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Nearly 100 jobs to be created through BWXT Canada steam generator contract

A new partnership between BWXT Canada and Bruce Power will create 100 jobs in Ontario.

BWXT Canada, a subsidiary of BWX Technologies, was awarded a contract to build eight steam generators for the Bruce B Unit 6 reactor of Bruce Power located near Kincardine, according to a press release.

The contract is valued at approximately $100 million USD, and BWXT plans to deliver the generators in 2020.

The Bruce Power complex near Kincardine is the largest operating nuclear facility in the world, noted the Cambridge Times.

“BWXT Canada and Bruce Power are key players in Ontario’s strong and proud nuclear industry,” said Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy, according to the release. “Our industry has an international reputation for safety and excellence, and an impressive history of supporting jobs at home. Finalizing today’s contract will secure well-paying jobs in this region and contribute to decades of clean, reliable and affordable power in Ontario.”

BWXT Canada currently has 500 employees, according to the Cambridge Times. Company president John MacQuarrie said at a press conference that engineers would be the first employees to be hired, followed by skilled labourers.