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Mobile attracting international aerospace investment

Per the latest projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the aerospace engineering profession will likely expand 6 percent between 2016 and 2026, not much different from the U.S. average job growth figure.

The American aerospace sector is attracting attention from investors around the globe. recently reported on how Mobile, Alabama, which is one of the major U.S. innovation and employment hubs for the industry, recently experienced a visit from a broad group of European investors. An infusion of capital from European Union-based aerospace and aviation firms would potentially create numerous jobs for Alabama residents.

Airbus and MAAS Aviation represent two of the biggest aerospace firms in the Mobile area and have a longtime working relationship as a result.

The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce has been working to attract additional attention from the industry and make it an even bigger employer for the region. These efforts drew admiration from Shane Stephens, a consul general from the Republic of Ireland, who served as host to the EU investor delegation.

Speaking of the organization, Stephens said, “They’re very serious about building these relationships, which can be productive … In Alabama and Ireland we haven’t always been wealthy, so we have to work hard.”

In addition to the possibility of European aerospace investment in the Mobile metropolitan area, Airbus is considering a merger with fellow jet manufacturer Bombardier. According to a separate report, the firms’ successful union would lead to the construction of another assembly plant, thus creating more local job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor.