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Major highway project in Saskatchewan to finish one year ahead of schedule

Nearing completion, the expansion of Highway 16 that has been in progress since 2014 will be opened almost an entire year earlier than anticipated, according to CBC News.

The $52 million project funded by both the government of Saskatchewan and Canada was expected to be complete by the fall of 2017. However, the highway project to expand two lanes of this busy roadway into four did not experience any major delays due to weather and thus construction teams were able to work faster than forecast.

This is good news, according to the source, as the highway serves as the main connector between several cities.

This portion of the Yellowhead Trans-Canada Highway 16 provides access to Saskatoon, the biggest metropolis of Saskatchewan, for more than 9,000 commuters each day, according to ReNew Canada: The Infrastructure Magazine.

According to Greg Taylor, Cargill regional transportation and logistics manager, it also serves as the center of processing and distribution of food oil to the nearby canola plants, which translates to enhanced growth and production for Saskatchewan.

“With hundreds of in-bound trucks per day to our locations in the area, and more than 150 employees accessing those businesses, twinning of Highway 16 provides staff and customers with safe access to our facilities, and creates infrastructure that encourages investment in the province,” said Taylor.