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Kansas City launches tech jobs initiative

While many qualified technology professionals head to Silicon Valley to further their careers, they may soon be trekking to Kansas City. The Midwestern hub recently launched Chute, a website dedicated to posting available technology jobs.

According to The Kansas City Star, Chute was started by KCnext, a local trade association dedicated to expanding the area’s tech workforce. The site not only displays tech jobs in a number of sectors and lists in-depth descriptions of individual companies, but it also highlights the lifestyle of tech professionals in Kansas City.

Chute places an emphasis on the city’s emerging tech scene and entices job seekers to join in. Starland News noted that framing Kansas City as an up-and-coming metropolis with plenty of tech-related opportunities is a technique mainly meant to draw in millennials, who typically show lots of interest in lifestyle factors when considering job relocation. Starland¬†News notes that Chute is also very active on social media, and gives participating companies the option to display their social media accounts as well, both as strategies to appeal to young professionals.

“This is a place for employers to point them to and say, ‘you’ll be just fine in Kansas City,'”¬†KCnext president Ryan Weber told Starland News.