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More jobs being created in urban settings

With many Americans choosing to live in major cities as opposed to suburban areas, more and more jobs are being created in these urban hubs.

According to The New York Times, the past few decades have shown that most people across the nation worked in office parks or remote factories, with only a select demographic heading to offices in city skyscrapers. A study recently issued by City Reports, however, showed that this trend is quickly changing. Starting about eight years ago, more people in the U.S. started shifting toward urban workplaces.

Notably, there tend to be more high-paying positions in cities, indicated the report. Some of the industries most likely to be centered in major cities include white-collar sectors such as technology and finance. Traditionally lower-income fields like retail and construction are far more likely to be based out of suburban locales.

Currently, most U.S. jobs are still located outside of metropolises. While Americans have been steadily exiting city life in favor of outlying areas since the 1950’s, more businesses followed suit during the recent recession, explained The New York Times. With a stronger U.S. economy and positively evolving labor situation, however, more companies are able to afford urban workspaces.