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Important developments for engineering and IT contractors to follow

Engineering is a broad, complex field, and those working in it as contractors cover many different niches. The same can easily be said of IT – perhaps even more so. But experts in the sector believe that certain trends will apply to the industry as a whole and notably reshape the environment for this vocation. If you’re seeking a new engineering or IT contract role, these are a few of the biggest trends to monitor – and perhaps add to your skill set.

AI and machine learning are leaping forward

In some instances, the automation facilitated by machine learning and other artificial intelligence methods may eliminate jobs. Engineers, however, could see the opposite effect: Forbes noted that increased automation will create a need for those capable of overseeing these systems’ quality and troubleshooting issues that arise. As AI and ML grow more complex, they’ll also require more rigorous testing before they’re rolled out.

The IoT is growing more complex

Greater connectivity fostered by the internet of things is projected to benefit multiple industries. Many companies in these fields will depend on IT and engineering contractors for oversight of IoT projects. According to Fircroft, manufacturers will use this technology to create "smart factory" environments, with multiple pieces of equipment sharing data with others to allow for more efficient and streamlined operations. This advantage can potentially bolster these businesses’ bottom lines, and as such, company leaders could seek the sort of assurances for smart factory projects that experienced contract workers can provide.

Sustainability isn’t going anywhere

Organizations that might have given sustainability a wide berth in the past could change their approaches to the matter going forward, Fircroft stated. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected 8 percent job growth for environmental engineers through 2026, about average for all U.S. jobs during that period, those with more general engineering and IT skills will almost certainly need to add some sustainability skills to their spectrum of abilities.

The developments noted above aren’t the only things that will affect engineering and IT going forward, but they are among the most notable. To keep up amid ever-mounting competition for jobs (and, from companies’ perspectives, talent), contractors must keep building up their capabilities. A great way to do that is to check out CDI University which offers 24 x 7 online training in many technical areas. Click here to register and get started.