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Hypersonic aerospace research in the U.S. is back on again

Industry leaders in the U.S. are hoping to reinstate the funding and research for hypersonic flight, reported Space Daily.

Though supersonic travel was banned 13 years ago in the U.S. – because of its sonic booms – hypersonic flight is next on the agenda for the U.S. Plans, revelations and challenges were discussed among lawmakers andĀ members of theĀ Air Force and NASA at the forum on American aeronautics held last month by the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Hypersonic aerospace – that which has the capacity to fly at five times the speed of sound – has recently seen a surge in development.

However, for hypersonic technology to actually take flight, a way to greatly reduce sonic booms needs to be found, reported The Daily Mail.

“There was a period where engine technology had just sort of stagnated – a point where all materials technology was going along at about the same pace,” said Curtis Bedke, retired U.S. Air Force Major General and senior non-resident fellow at Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies. “There just wasn’t much happening. But suddenly, in all sorts of areas that apply to aerospace, things are happening.”

In the future of aerospace, leaders in the sector are considering hypersonic flight as an innovation that will “revolutionize” air travel, noted The Daily Mail.