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The growth of mobile-friendly applicant tracking systems

In today’s world, there isn’t much that hasn’t become mobile-friendly for consumers. From banking and booking flights to ordering food and paying bills, almost everything can be done from your smartphone in the palm of your hand. Now, applying for a job is no different. Thanks to mobile-friendly applicant tracking systems, also known as ATS, the job search experience is now optimized.

Fueled by increasing candidate demand for simple, quick-apply processes that are fully functional on mobile devices, staffing firms and talent acquisition teams at companies are investing in modernizing their ATS to better attract top, passive talent. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report, 34 percent of respondents said their career sites were mobile-optimized, a 14 percentage-point increase from 2014.

Ultimately, streamlining the system allows recruiters the opportunity to identify talent more efficiently and gives job candidates the quick, convenient access and simple process they’re looking for. These tech-savvy, forward-thinking companies that utilize modern and mobile-friendly ATS are the ones putting employees first. Moreover, an organization’s applicant management process offers significant insights about company culture and values.

Recognizing the need to attract the best contractors with a quick, mobile-apply process, CDI recently launched a new mobile-friendly candidate career site on

In the new CDI candidate portal all job listings are clearly filtered, displayed and categorized. Perhaps most noteworthy on this platform is that the application process is streamlined and log-in is optional. Upload options for resumes are simple, lengthy unnecessary questions are eliminated and CDI jobs are easily saved for later access if you do not want to apply immediately.


  • Responsive Design that allows a seamless experience between desktop and mobile devices, but optimized for mobile first
  • New Candidate Landing Page with prominent search bar, quick links and contractor-specific articles
  • New Search Experience that provides clean and clear job listings with filtering options and social media sharing capabilities
  • Job postings that have instant "apply" and "save" buttons, nearly 300 social media share options, and recommendations for similar jobs
  • Apply Process made easy, completely mobile with simple resume upload options and optional sign-in
  • Talent Network to gain the ability to save multiple resume versions and create targeted job alerts

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