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Female leaders of tech industry launch diversity initiative

Former Silicon Valley venture capitalist Ellen Pao has created an advocacy group to improve diversity in the technology sector.

Pao, along with several other female engineers and executives hailing from Pinterest, Slack and other Bay Area VC firms, launched Project Include on May 3, reported The Verge. The campaign aims to provide informative resources for examining bias in the workplace and making recruiting and hiring more inclusive. Improving retention rates will also be a key focus.

These resources will be available for established tech companies as well as 18 startups.

“Project Include started as dinner brainstorming sessions on how to make tech meaningfully more diverse,” Pao said in a statement. “Today we’ve joined forces to provide CEOs with comprehensive tools frameworks, research, metrics, and recommendations for diversity and inclusion. And the early feedback we’ve heard repeatedly from CEOs is, ‘I wish I had had this earlier.'”

Project Include will also aid in finding and supporting research on bias in the tech industry, reported Bloomberg. An online forum will be provided for leaders in the field to compile and share ideas for new initiatives.

Bethanye Blount, former chief engineer at Reddit; Freada Klein, partner at Kapor Capital; Erica Baker of Slack Technologies Inc. and Tracy Chou of Pinterest Inc. are among the other female leaders collaborating with Pao on Project Include.