Watercraft Engineering

LCS Composite Design

CDI Marine Company offers extensive watercraft engineering services and has supported all aspects of watercraft acquisition engineering, design in-service engineering, logistics support, and alteration installation, in support of the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, the Department of Homeland Security, U.S Customs Services and numerous commercial and international watercraft customers and builders.

CDI acquisition engineering support efforts have resulted in the acquisition of all types of boats and craft, including a 49-foot landing craft, a 65-foot landing craft, a 8-Meter RIB Law Enforcement craft, a 110-foot crew/supply boat for the National Park Service, a 97-foot Research vessel for the University of Miami, a 62-foot fisheries research vessel for the State of Delaware and the RB-HS and RB-S craft for the USCG. These projects required engineering requirements analysis studies, assessment of alternative studies, feasibility studies, concept designs, design and performance specifications, condition surveys of existing fleets, pre-award surveys of boatyards, proposal evaluations, and construction oversight. CDI offers a full range of conventional and advanced watercraft naval architecture and marine engineering services, including innovative early-stage design and R&D systems engineering, model and full-scale test and trials, hardware prototyping, Ship Design Concept Exploration, sea-keeping, stability and maneuvering analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and structural finite element analysis (FEA), marine waterjet design, high-speed craft and ship design, and cost-effectiveness design trade-off studies.

CDI also offers extensive experience in supporting watercraft repairs, rehabilitations, alterations, modifications, mission systems, ISEAs, Planning Yards, CASREPs and Fleet Support requirements in developing and supporting LARs, BOATALTs, CRAFTALTs, SHIPALTs, ECPs and 2-KILOs. CDI’s experience in watercraft systems engineering and design has included prototyping new systems and equipment; supporting mission systems design and installation; designing and upgrading propulsion systems, habitability equipment, HM&E, C4I and electronic systems and equipment. CDI’s watercraft engineering specific capabilities include:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Acquisition Support
  • Logistics Support
  • T&E Support
  • ISEA Support
  • AIT Support
  • Program Support
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Prototyping
  • Mission Systems
  • Material Management
  • Boat Alterations
  • Technical Documentation

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