Ship Alteration Installation (ALT)

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With CDI’s extensive expertise and capability in naval engineering and its application to ship modernization and alterations, providing Alteration Installation Team (AIT) support services was a logical expansion of our solutions and service offerings to our naval customers. CDI Marine Company AITs specialize in first-time alterations, prototype alterations and waterborne (pier-side) alteration installation and support.

CDI AITs offer expertise in the installation and support of special mission systems, trouble-shooting and emergency repair of hull, mechanical and electrical systems and equipment for small boats and combatant craft. CDI AITs have extensive experience in supporting Navy planning yards, regional maintenance centers, and in-service engineering agents (ISEAs) in planning, coordinating and accomplishing AIT requirements. CDI AITs are very experienced with the NAVSEA SHIPMAIN and Regional Maintenance Center’s REMCO Processes.

CDI Marine’s Quality Management Program has been approved by NAVSEA Systems Command for AIT Support. This comprehensive management program addresses all aspects of AIT including planning, coordination, purchasing, material control and security and safety. CDI AITs have supported both CONUS and OCONUS installations. CDI AITs are very mobile and have performed AIT installations pier-side, at shipyards, and at the CDI full-service industrial facility in Norfolk, Virginia. This facility is used to support repairs, installations, and alterations of small boats and combatant craft, warehouse and pre-stage equipment and material and for pre-fab and kitting installation packages. In addition to this industrial facility, CDI has office locations in all major naval seaports which are capable of supporting AIT requirements.

CDI AITs are supported by a very experienced team of material procurement specialists. CDI utilizes a time-tested and very comprehensive Material Procurement System (MPS) that has been approved by NAVSEA. The CDI MPS has provisions to assure all material and equipment is purchased in accordance with all applicable FAR and DFAR requirements for the selection, purchase, receipt, inventory, storage, and disposition of material. CDI’s AIT capabilities include:

  • Management assistance and technical oversight
  • Pre-planning and installation coordination
  • On-site technical liaison
  • Material take-off and ordering
  • Project pre-staging and kitting support
  • Project pre-fabrication and assembly
  • System operation and testing
  • System QA inspection and check-out

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