Naval Maintenance

USS Essex

CDI Marine Company is a leader in supporting the Navy’s Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM) Program. CDI is currently working with the NAVSEA in developing MFOM ship and class-specific programs to provide a single authoritative, centrally-managed application that provides the necessary data upgrades and improvements to support readiness and maintenance reporting. In support of naval maintenance and readiness, CDI offers expertise in the following specific areas:

  • Scheduling and Cost Control
  • Risk Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Program / Project Performance Management
  • Strategic, Business and Action Planning
  • Budget, Manpower and Acquisition Support
  • Performance Measures and Indicators
  • Program Audits and Evaluations
  • Process and Productivity Analysis and Improvement
  • Quality Assurance Tracking Systems

CDI has developed a strong expertise and capability in ship maintenance and repair and currently has resources available to support these requirements in all major naval seaport locations. CDI maintenance assist teams specialize in material condition assessments, troubleshooting, INSURV and SEMAT inspections, hands-on training, and planning and coordination of ship maintenance and repair availabilities. CDI ship maintenance personnel are currently supporting the NAVSEA Multi-Ship/Multi-Option (MSMO) ship maintenance and repair program and supporting Navy regional maintenance centers (RMCs) for routine and emergent ship repair and maintenance requirements. CDI maintenance support personnel routinely investigate systems and equipment failures, trial cards, and 2-KILOS and prepare findings reports and accompanying repair specifications. CDI personnel also support system and equipment testing requirements. CDI maintenance assist team personnel are highly trained and possess technical backgrounds in naval engineering and design. This skill level allows CDI maintenance assist teams to perform in a more efficient and effective manner. CDI shipboard engineering maintenance assist teams are best suited to operate and test systems and equipment; to assess the root cause of as-needed repairs and provide timely corrective recommendations; and to provide high-quality, onsite maintenance training. CDI maintenance assist teams offer full-service capability, from investigation and assessment and performing corrective maintenance and repair actions through developing and providing supporting technical documentation and as-needed training.


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