Naval Architecture & Advanced Ship Design


CDI Marine Company provides support to government and commercial clients worldwide with an emphasis in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering. With more than 40 years of specialized expertise, CDI is recognized for its wide range of analytical capabilities, starting with total ship design synthesis tools used for early-stage design and cost evaluation and expanding to the entire spectrum of design analysis tools used for all aspects of naval and marine design. CDI has a unique position in the market place as a designer of high speed ships and craft from various types of conventional monohull and multihull vessels to Surface Effect Ships (SES) and Air Cushion Vehicles (ACV). The technical experience and expertise, tool sets, and 12,000 volume library combine to make it one of a very few companies worldwide with these capabilities:

Early-Stage Design

  • Concept and Feasibility Design
  • Hullform Analysis and Design
  • Ship and System Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation

Preliminary Contract Design

  • Structural Loads, FEA, and Design
  • Advanced Composites and Shock Engineering
  • Propulsion System Design
  • Model Testing
  • Electrical Design and Engineering Services
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • ILS and RMA Analysis
  • Test and Trials Planning and Support

Vehicle Acquisition Support

  • Systems Engineering
  • Acquisition Management Support
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Regulatory Body Compliance

Research & Development

  • ACV/SES Lift Fans, Propulsors, and Cushion Seals
  • Waterjet Technology
  • Sail and Mast Design
  • Rigid Inflatable Boats
  • Technology Harvesting, Mining, and Surveys

In-service Support

  • Web-based RMA Data Management Systems
  • Custom Ship Modifications

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