“CDI / M&T group has had a long history in supporting Naval operations (when it comes to wiring systems). They have been very active in supporting JSWAG and we have worked with them on several efforts. The latest is the ARC-210 cable re-design. They have a CAGE code assigned and are completely integrated as a build/test/repair facility. In addition, they are close to the Jax NADEP. I endorse their capability.”

Wiring Systems Branch
AIR supporting
Naval Air Systems Command


“I wanted to pass along to you and your team on the results of the E-6 Nitrogen servicing unit. To date we the E-6 team have seen a 50% reduction of total failures of the HF coupler waveguide. This has provided the Navy extra service life on the existing units by recharging the nitrogen in them.”

In-Service Support Center-Jacksonville
E-6 ISS IPT- SE Team


“It has been a pleasure working with you and your team on this project. I was truly impressed with the quality of the product and the timeliness of the deliveries.”

PMA-226 Specialized and Proven Aircraft
H-46 Avionics Integrated Product Team Lead
H-46/T58 Support Equipment Project Officer


“You and your team did an outstanding job working with my team to complete the Genx Test Harness project. Your team constantly demonstrated professionalism when dealing with all those development issues. The quality, service and deliveries all meet our expectations.”

Technical Manager Leads and Harnesses
Unison Industries, Jacksonville, Florida

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