Fleet Management Info System

New Sol Fleet MIS

CDI Government Services has been developing and maintaining a fleet management information system for our Government customers for ten years. Our solution offers various asset management activities including acceptance recording, warranty failure management and analysis, configuration control, maintenance recording and tracking, equipment logging and history tracking. Our customized, web-based systems can meet highly specific customer requirements with low startup costs and budget-tailored maintenance and support.

FMIS Features

  • Currently handles 20 boat platforms for USCG including hundreds of boats and thousands of engine
  • Web-Based, no software to install
  • Fully Customizable for the Customer
  • Record and Manage Acceptances
  • Reporting and Resolving Failures and Warranties
  • Configuration Management
  • Tracking Asset and Equipment Information
  • Failure and Reliability Metrics
  • Technical Data Repository for drawings, manuals, handbooks, etc.

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