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How IT and engineering contractors are supporting modern healthcare

IT and engineering professionals have exciting new ways to apply their skills and knowledge through contract assignments in the healthcare industry. Healthcare is going through enormous transformation due to advancing technologies, and IT and engineering contractors are playing a large role in driving this innovation and experimentation.

Helping government programs innovate

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently created the Alliance to Modernize Healthcare, an initiative that is open to contractors to support the government through independent research and development, Bloomberg Government detailed. These contractors are tasked with promoting "conceptual planning and prototyping, research, program development and information technology acquisition," in order to further bring healthcare operations at various levels into the 21st century.

Whether working at regional, state or national levels, government health agencies are relying on IT and engineering contractors as key players in the revolution of healthcare processes.

Increasing cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a hot topic for medical agencies and practitioners – a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center showed that more than 25 percent of all data breaches that occurred between March 2016 and March 2017 were connected to healthcare – the highest percentage for any industry. While cybersecurity has skyrocketed to the top of healthcare organizations’ priority lists, the supply of cybersecurity talent has not yet increased in kind. Many agencies are noting a cybersecurity talent shortage and in response are outsourcing projects to bulk up their systems’ defenses, HealthcareITNews explained. Hiring "virtual chief information security officers" is becoming more common, and are sought out for their experience and expertise.

Updating systems

Long gone are the days of paper files – healthcare agencies have embraced electronic medical records, and even these systems are developing at rapid speeds. Providers not only have to keep track of vast amounts of patient data, but also must maintain regulatory compliance, leverage analytics to gain insights from their data and offer features such as patient portals or telehealth capabilities. With the need to advance quickly and seamlessly, instead of going through the lengthy and labor-intensive process of hiring full-time, permanent staff, healthcare organizations can call on IT and engineering contractors to design or develop the specific systems they need to continue providing quality care in a digitally driven landscape.

IT and engineering contractors offer agility and expertise in a time when healthcare organizations need to advance their processes quickly with maximum efficiency. These contractors have a key role to play in the provision of superior patient care in the 21st century.