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How IT and engineering contractors drive innovation

Many aspects of life have been revolutionized in the past few years – how transactions are made, how businesses operate, how people get around their cities – the list goes on. Much of this innovation is due to bright minds developing the systems of the future, and many of these bright minds are IT and engineering contractors.

The growing gig economy means that more and more companies are looking for talented IT and engineering specialists. Contractors in these sectors have the opportunity to partner with ambitious companies to fuel exciting change and development.

Here are four important ways that contractors are driving innovation:

1. They’re helping enable ‘intrapreneurship’

Entrepreneurship helped turn Silicon Valley into the land of billion-dollar startups, and now companies are looking to foster a similar sense of growth and experimentation within their own ranks, via so-called "intrapreneurship," as SmartCEO explained. Organizations are recruiting individuals who are bold thinkers and highly skilled in their fields, with many of them opting to hire contract workers instead of full-time employees for the most agility. By hiring experts in IT and engineering for dedicated "intrapreneurship" projects, companies can boost innovation at their organizations while contractors hone in-demand skills.

IT and engineering contractors can make themselves more marketable for lucrative assignments by developing and spotlighting their intrapreneurship-related skills such as creative problem-solving, strategic thinking and technical prowess in cutting-edge technologies and programs.

2. They’re helping unleash progress

Traditional workplace models are not made for the type of quick-thinking, pivoting and experimentation that productive innovation requires. The contract model, however, enables both talent and companies to unleash progress, without having to check off as many administrative boxes as they would for full-time roles and traditional projects.

IT and engineering contractors benefit from such arrangements because they exercise high control over their careers – they can pursue only the types of projects they are most passionate about. They also have greater flexibility, with the contract-by-contract model enabling them to travel or pursue other ventures as they wish.

3. They’re prioritizing results

Many times, if a company wants to innovate within its industry, it faces a long, difficult road. It has to establish project goals and timelines, hire and train new employees and update stakeholders on progress. On the talent side, employees can become frustrated with administrative benchmarks and hurdles that can slow down achievement of their goals, as well as their career progression. IT and engineering contractors, however, are able to come in and perform targeted work to create tangible results, participating in a rapid, streamlined workflow that supports true innovation.

Ultimately, IT and engineering contracting enables skilled talent to be part of a flexible and agile workforce that suits their needs while supporting rapid development necessary for impactful, meaningful change.