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Engineering among top 5 fastest-growing industries offering flexibility, study finds

The engineering sector has been found to be among the top five fastest-growing industries offering flexibility in the workplace, which has become an increasingly sought-after perk of joining a company.

Years ago, the idea of an employee working remotely or making his own hours was largely unheard of. In a recent study, 80 percent of companies surveyed by WorldatWork reported that they extended some form of flexibility to their employees, according to Forbes.

Today, flexibility can mean anything from allowing part-time work  to the ability to work from home, as well as the freedom to freelance or change schedules. Originally popular among startups and other young companies vying for enthusiastic and qualified employees to help grow their company, flexible perks are becoming more and more commonplace.

Online job site FlexJobs found the companies providing promising flexibility offers by analyzing 100,000 listings across 50 different categories. The company determined the top five fastest-growing sectors that witnessed a 50 percent or higher increase in flexible work postings from 2015 to 2016.

Ranking No. 2, the engineering industry was found to have a number of postings for flexible work. Specialized sectors offering the perk included environmental, architectural, civil, materials, industrial, nuclear, aerospace, mechanical and chemical engineering.

Consulting and power systems engineer positions were found to offer part-time work options, while architects could benefit from telecommute work. Noteworthy companies that were identified as offering this kind of work within the industry included Deloitte, Dell and CyberCoders.