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Demand for IT jobs in U.S. shows few signs of slowdown

As far as American jobs in the field of IT are concerned, the writing appears to be on the wall – in a positive way: TechRepublic reported that some specialized professions, like web development and tech support, saw noteworthy wage growth that could bode well for 2018.

During December 2017, IT support staffers saw a year-over-year wage gain of 3.5 percent, while web developers’ median wages went up 2.4 percent.

Salaries for data scientists and analysts did not rise quite as much during this same period, but they still grew, seeing an uptick of 1.1 percent.

These recent gains look as if they fall in line with other, more broad trends within the IT field that researchers have recently pointed out. Per one such example, in May of last year, the Harvey Nash/KPMG survey of 4,498 chief information officers from 86 nations found 42 percent of these leaders citing analytics skills as their area of greatest need during the hiring process. This matches the fact that 52 percent of these companies had allocated significant financial resources toward improved tech platforms.

Additionally, in November 2017, the Brookings Institute study on the digitalization of the American workforce noted a sharp increase in employment for jobs requiring moderate or high levels of tech skill: That figure rose to approximately 66 percent between 2002 and 2016.

Finally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted 13 percent growth in IT employment from 2016 to 2026, a pace greater than the average line of work.