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It’s not just about recruiting anymore…

Employer branding has become increasingly important over the last few years as companies realize they need to better communicate their mission and culture, and be more transparent about business operations to attract top candidates and clients. The best companies strive to achieve recognition as an “employer of choice” where people aspire to work and employees never want to leave. As a result, a lot of emphasis is placed on creating and disseminating key messaging, actively engaging with social media followers and rolling out mobile websites to accommodate today’s job seekers.

CDI Marketing Services

As important as employer branding is in attracting top candidates, if it’s going to cause a distraction to your recruitment efforts, it’s not worth it.  That’s where the value of CDI’s Marketing Services comes to play.  Who better to support, lead and execute your employer branding marketing plan, than the company that is already driving many of your recruitment efforts?  We are in the trenches everyday seeing what works and what doesn’t, and hear first-hand what is being said about your organization.  Let us fully optimize our recruiting efforts by implementing an employer branding marketing plan that is realistic for your organization.  This is becoming a necessity to compete for top talent.

Key Services

Marketing Consulting, Strategy & Planning
Whether it’s the necessary kick-start to get you started or leading the entire process, we can guide you to better compete.

Social Media
Don’t take social media lightly; this is a mandatory extension of all of your recruitment efforts.  If you haven’t put focus around this for both sourcing and branding opportunities yet, you are behind.

Candidate Touch Plan Strategies
A true passive candidate will not be focused on your company.  Developing and executing a strategy to consistently stay in touch with top talent will increase your odds of attracting them when you need them.

Other Sample Offerings

  • Custom copywriting
  • Custom graphic design work
  • Email marketing tools
  • Public Relations support
  • Custom research
  • Custom presentation tools
  • Video production/editing
  • Custom surveys
  • Marketing administration
  • In-depth marketing training

Why CDI?

  • We already understand your recruiting efforts
  • We live and breathe recruiting everyday
  • We currently support global marketing efforts across 600 recruitment organizations
  • We know what marketing efforts work in recruitment

Employer Branding Facts

85% of employees are attracted to companies that have a reputation for providing career opportunities

50% of employees think it’s important that other people want to work for their employer

39% of companies plan to increase their investment in employer branding initiatives

50% of all job seekers use during the their job hunt

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