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Canadian tech firms experience need for sales personnel

The growth seen by the tech industry in Canada over the past few years is nothing short of a boom. But as strong as the field has performed, a number of shortcomings still affect it and must be addressed in the years to come if the sector’s dominance will persist. According to Ryan Holmes of Medium in a guest piece for Business Insider, one of the biggest negatives many Canadian IT companies have to deal with is a relative lack of sales personnel.

Holmes pointed to several studies illustrating his point: One study by Randstad found that particularly in the B2B space, sales representative was the second-most needed job in Canada. Another white paper on the issue, researched and written by experts at the Lazaridis Institute at Wilfrid Laurier University, found 7 of every 10 Canadian tech firms had a hard time finding the right individuals to fill necessary marketing and sales positions.

“Mention ‘tech jobs’ and thoughts typically turn to developers – the programmers and engineers who translate great ideas into working technology and and keep the platforms we all use humming along,” Holmes wrote. “But the reality is that it’s impossible to scale and sustain most software platforms today without a highly capable, highly trained sales team.”

Holmes went on to argue that reframing people’s understanding of tech sales as a forward-thinking profession in and of itself might galvanize greater interest in such positions. It’s also possible that if such an approach caught on, the surge in foreign tech workers coming to Canada to claim open jobs, as reported by The Globe and Mail, could help address this matter.