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Canadian interest in Bitcoin-related jobs on the rise

Despite its origins remaining mostly a mystery, the encrypted, algorithm-based alternative currency known as Bitcoin has surged in global estimation from being an intriguing novelty to a viable – and highly valuable – commodity. In Canada, interest rose enough during 2017 to fuel a considerable increase in jobs related to Bitcoin. All these positions are highly tech-dependent, thus potentially providing the Canadian IT sector a major shot in the arm.

Global News reported that between October and November 2017, job searches for positions whose titles included terms such as “cryptocurrency” and “Bitcoin” went up 37 per cent. This coincided with a notable surge in the value of the alternative currency.

Additionally, within the last 12 months, searches for work openings including the aforementioned terms – as well as “blockchain,” the name for the algorithm method that Bitcoin uses – rose by a whopping 488 per cent.

Terence Chiu, vice president of product for Indeed, noted that these Bitcoin-related positions involved some niche skills that the average IT staffer or software engineer might not possess. This will make for fierce competition among those who are qualified to take on such roles.

“These jobs are high-skill developer jobs, and you should have knowledge of the blockchain system,” Chiu said, according to Global News. “Having Java knowledge is also a plus.”

While Bitcoin positions involve hyper-specific skills, the overall tech job market in Canada is surging. In fact, according to Recode, it has become attractive enough that numerous Canadian startups and tech firms have seen a considerable uptick in applications from U.S.-based IT professionals.