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Canada’s clean energy sector takes off

A new report from Clean Energy Canada revealed that the country’s renewable energy sector achieved record-breaking success in 2014.

The value of Canadian projects related to clean energy reached $11 billion in 2014, representing an increase of 88 percent over 2013’s figure. Industry leaders dubbed 2014 the best year for investment and development in the clean energy field. The latest employment numbers cited in the report show that this sector is likely responsible for upward of 2,600 jobs across the country, making Canada one of the world’s leaders in clean energy employment.

In the report, Clean Energy Canada thanked private sector support and local governmental policies for making the industry’s success possible. The organization also pointed to issues between the clean energy field and federal government, however, and asked national agencies to amend policies that would allow the sector to expand even further.

“The news on clean energy is good, but with federal leadership, it could be terrific. Unlike Washington, Ottawa’s pretty much been ignoring this sector. We hope and expect this report will serve as a flashing neon sign for federal parties: There’s a huge opportunity here; get on board and show us what you can do,” stated Merran Smith, executive director of Clean Energy Canada.