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Canada adds jobs in July, avoids recession

Canada added jobs between June and July, despite the country’s shaky economic situation. According to Statistics Canada, around 6,600 positions were added to the nation’s payrolls.

Yahoo! News reported that 17,000 full-time jobs were cut last month while 24,000 part-time jobs were implemented. While this means a net growth in jobs, the quality and compensation rates of the resulting positions are less than ideal for most job seekers. Additionally, more people were choosing to abandon both private and public sector employment to identify as “self-employed.” Over 40,000 Canadians considered themselves to be their own bosses in July, which represents a 2.1 percent increase over July 2014’s self-employed number.

While these numbers are not overwhelmingly positive, July’s employment situation kept the jobless rate at 6.8 percent, where it has stood for the past six months. Because of this relative stability, Canada is not considered to be entering a recession at this time.

“Obviously, it’s not a particularly strong report. We saw an outright decline in full-time jobs. But it also doesn’t show a pronounced weakening in the economy,” economist Doug Porter told the Toronto Sun.