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Administration to reveal first U.S. regulation of methane emissions

The Obama administration is expected to finalize and release regulations Thursday May 12, on methane emissions.

The first explicit U.S. regulation of its kind for methane emissions, the measure includes a rule intended to help diminish leaks of the dangerous greenhouse gas from oil wells, reported Bloomberg. The final rule is set to be released by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Under the ordinance, only new and modified gas and oil companies will be required to follow set guidelines. However, it will lay the groundwork for the EPA to eventually push similar regulations for more than 1 million existing wells across the country.

The mandate will be a major step toward one of the big goals of the administration – cutting U.S. methane pollution by 40 percent to 45 percent from 2012 levels, according to The Hill.

“If we develop a meaningful expansion of our voluntary programs, we will see industry succeed, both in achieving its voluntary commitments and achieving its legal obligations, while continuing to thrive economically,” Joe Goffman, associate assistant administrator for air pollution of the EPA, said recently about the rule. “That’s the definition of success, as far as we’re concerned.”