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5 benefits of partnering with a search firm as an IT or engineering contractor

Working as an IT or engineering contractor comes with many exciting benefits, like exposure to new projects, skill sets and technologies, and in some cases, more flexible work arrangements. However, being a contractor can be a difficult path to take alone. Not only do you have to complete the work outlined in your assignments, but you also have to continually market yourself and secure new projects to ensure you have a sense of stability.

While you’re already aware of some of the perks of working with a search firm like CDI, here are five additional benefits that make contracting easier:

1. A search firm can help contractors find right-fit positions

Search firms help contractors find right-fit positions since they have deeper insight into what working at a certain company is like beyond what’s in the job posting. From company culture to management styles, search professionals help determine whether a contractor candidate is the right match for the role.

2. Connections at top companies

Search firms work with some of the largest and most reputable technology and engineering firms around the world. These partnerships give them a direct line into the hiring departments of top companies, and can help contractors have their resumes be seen by some of the best minds in the business.

3. Less downtime between projects

Although contractors may be giving up the stability of a regular paycheck, many feel they are gaining the freedom to pick their own assignments, and augment their skill sets by working on a variety of different projects. Partnering with a search firm can increase your ability to move from one assignment to the next, minimizing gaps between contract engagements.

4. Handling of the administrative work

Independent or 1099 contractors spend valuable time sending invoices, following up with clients, managing their rates and negotiating the terms of their contracts. Search firms take care of these administrative duties and coordinate with the company or client with whom a contractor will be partnering so that contractors can focus on their work.

5. Assistance building and marketing your personal brand

A search firm can help a contractor identify their strengths, improve their portfolio and sharpen their overall professional brand. Search firms take the time to sit down with contractors to learn their career aspirations and then help set them on a path toward success.

Pairing with a search firm is a smart choice for IT and engineering contractors in today’s competitive job market, because recruiters are often able to uncover opportunities that you might not have been able to access on your own. It is these openings that are critical to propelling your career. If your assignment will be ending soon, contact your CDI recruiter so they can help you find your next project.